Forget a Big Breakfast, It's All About Calories

English breakfast

This is interesting. According to a new study out of Germany the whole "start the day off right with a big breakfast" is not going to keep you trimmer than holding eating later in the day. In reality, a bigger breakfast, just means you're adding to your daily caloric totals.

As the NY Times reports:

For both groups [in the research study], a large breakfast simply added to the number of daily calories they consumed. Whether they ate a large breakfast, a small one or none at all, their nonbreakfast calorie intake remained the same.

My take-away from this is to listen to your body. If you are a morning person and enjoy eating earlier in the day, do that. If you enjoy bigger dinners, post-workout, go for that instead. Work with your body and know that the total caloric intake will be what determines your fitness and weight-management.

The article includes a quote from the senior author of the study, Dr. Volker Schusdziarra, that I thought was helpful.

"Whenever someone comes to me for dietary advice and says, ‘I never eat breakfast,’ [Dr. Volker says], ‘Keep doing what you’re doing,’ ”

So, as always, there aren't any short-cuts. For success in a competition or in the race to stay fit, match your diet with your training routine and listen to your body.

Is this article wrong? Add a comment and tell me what works for you.