What is Contrail?

Contrail Contrail (känˌtrāl) is what I call my for-hire services. Beyond buzz words and bleeding edge technologies exists the simple human truth. We all love ideas that speak to our hearts and minds, no matter if they are read from the newest mobile app, or from a chiseled slab of stone. I can help you develop a story that is compelling and can bring together the right technologies to communicate your message to the world. As a digital marketing consultant for Northwest startups and established brands, I advise companies on content, email, and social media marketing, developing engaging Web experiences, and hosting successful cross-channel digital promotions. Interested in learning more? Send me a note.


Brand Positioning & Social Voice

Good stories are worth sharing. I can help define a social media and digital marketing voice for your brand that your customers view as both memorable and authentic. 

Project Management

With a passion for storytelling and spreadsheets, I can led your marketing project from idea to launch (and champagne).


From compelling behind-the-scenes imagery, to capturing production-ready photos, I can help your brand look brilliant.

Responsive Web Design

Telling stories online is a duty that requires both head and heart. I deliver a compelling website experience that wows the both engineers and the artists.

Creative Content Production

Video production including art direction is right in my wheelhouse. Let’s make something great!

Social Media Marketing

I’ve launched social media marketing programs and contests for national outdoor brands.


I develop marketing and digital projects from idea to launch. My experience includes Web/mobile development, social media marketing and giving flight to great ideas.

Seattle, WA | USA

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