Tell Your Friends: Toning Shoes Don't Work [Infographic]

Reebok EASY TONE(2009)

First there was the Reebok Easy Tone, then came Shape-Ups from Sketchers followed by a host of other imitators.  The age of the toning shoe has officially arrived, (and brought along a bunch of suggestive ads, see below). However, the big question is, do these shoes really tone legs and glutes while you walk?

As the title suggests, research says no, at least not according to a recent study by the University of Wisconsin and American Council on Exercise.

Squishy-soled toning shoes are supposed to work by making wearers work harder and stabilize with each step. In theory this is supposed to mirror the benefits of weight training on a swiss ball and engage more stabilizing muscles.

Unfortunately for the toning shoe industry, these shoes just doesn't seem to work very well or produce the results ads (like below) make you believe to expect.

The study reports:

"Our findings demonstrate that toning shoes are not the magic solution consumers were hoping they would be, and simply do not offer any benefits that people cannot reap through walking, running or exercising in traditional athletic shoes.”

Do you disagree? Are you a toning shoe convert or did you see this coming a mile away?

Toning Shoe Graphic